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Bitcounts Inc.
Bitcounts Inc. - Cryptocurrency DeFi NFT Accounting Firm & Tax Consultants
Bitcounts Inc. is a Cryptocurrency Accounting Firm with deep expertise in Blockchain Accounting for Businesses & Individuals Cryptocurrency Taxation.
Alexander Kugelman
Kugelman Law, P.C.
Kugelman Law is a tax compliance firm specializing in cryptocurrency tax issues serving hundreds of clients with cryptocurrency compliance and audits.
AG Accounting Inc.
Tax Professional
Concierge accounting firm for individuals and corporations, prepare monthly financial statements, payroll management, benefits, compliance, revenue recognition, expense tracking.
Bharmal & Associates
Tax Professional
With years of experience as a professional service organization, our Orange County based accounting firm with offices in Irvine and Garden Grove.
Chris Scott
Out West Advisors LLC
Tax Professional
Out West Advisors is a full-service accounting and tax firm specializing in cryptocurrency tax accounting, complex business tax, non-profit Form 1023 filing, and more.
Dallo Law Group
Dallo Law Group | Tax Law Firm
Tax Professional
We are a team of Tax Attorneys and CPAs specializing in bitcoin tax preparation and compliance, tax planning, and IRS dispute resolution.
Daniel Layton
Tax Attorney Daniel W. Layton, Esq.
Tax Professional
Daniel W. Layton is a tax attorney with offices in Newport Beach and Fullerton, California, who uses his experience...
Daniel Layton
Tax Law Office of Daniel W. Layton, Esq.
Tax Professional
Riverside Tax Attorney Daniel W. Layton is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School who has dedicated his career to providing the highest level of representation.
Dashiell Shapiro
Wood LLP
Tax Professional
Dashiell Shapiro is a Partner at Wood LLP, having previously spent seven years at the U.S. Department of Justice litigating tax controversies in federal courts.
Eric Ensley
Hadrian CPAs
Tax Professional
We are crypto tax experts. Hadrian CPAs is a progressive CPA firm. We use cutting edge technology which translates into efficiency and savings for our clients.