Calculate High Volume Crypto Trading Data With Ease

CRYPTOCPA.TAX utilizes the powerful BitcoinTaxes software, which can calculate up to one million trades. The software supports a large number of countries, and implements the proper currency and calculation rules for each country.

Utilize a number of calculation methods, based on the client's country of origin. View which calculation method yields the lowest capital gains. Use like-kind calculation (not available for US clients after 2017) to calculate deferred gains. Calculation methods flow accurately through each tax year, and allow for multiple calculation methods to be used.

Individual sections to add and view your clients' trading data, income data, spending data, and trades from previous years. Each section of data has multiple filtering and export options, enabling you to organize and view the information to suit your needs.

Customize Your Client Experience

Easy to use interface that supports multiple clients. Customize the level of access your client has to their data. If your client is hands-on, you can grant them full access to edit and export their trading data. Or, give clients who prefer to remain hands-off view only access.

  • Supports multiple clients, multiple countries, and most calculation methods.
  • Import up to 1 million trades.
  • White-label branding.
  • Premium customer support available 7 days a week.

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